A.Capuano1, President of jury the Third Edition of faitodocfestival 2009, with unanimithy of all members of jury: A. Léonard Maestrati2(FR), Margaret Scaramella3(IT), A.Fugazzotto4(IT,RAINotte), Sara Rescigno5(Head Writer RAI), Mourad Ben Cheikh6(Tunisia), Wim Van Rompaey7(Belgio)awarded winning film review 2009 : Demain j’irai mieux” by D. Henry and V. Detours8 is among film of COMPETIZIONEDOC . The pubblic awarded special prize  to “Vota Provenzanoby young S. Fronio.
The best short 2009 in COMPETIZIONECORTODOC is  “Wagah10 .
The film "Demain mieux j`irai" filmed in a realistic way, the direct evidence of Axelle, Hugo, Victor and Kareem: children’s stories affected by cancer and patients in the oncology ward of a hospital in Brussels. The subject is approached from the eyes of filmmakers D. Henry, V. Detours, the rooms and the photograph in the most delicate possible with close-ups directed to specialized doctors, nurses and psychologists tried and denouncing the empathy created by them against patients and parents. "I`ll be better tomorrow" has met with approval and then also awarded by the youth jury prize and the public11.
S. Fronio with "Vote Provenzano" describes the political propaganda for the elections of 2006 B. Provenzano as Prime Minister. The editing of the film creates an air of oneiric characters . It tells interviews which results conform to the everyday and the opinions expressed by the impressions of people meet on the streets of Palermo, Naples and Turin through staff who looked after the election . The perception of the symptom mobster by people, however, is exposed through careful sociological research, which emphasizes, in some cases, the surface indiscriminate use of expressions used only in areas completely unrelated like cultural phenomenon.
This year, The Best Short is  "Wagah" is the third part that closes the Indian director S. Sen’s trilogy ( "Way Back Home" _2003, "Hope Dies Last" _2006) . In this film  win the prize the colours follow thousands of people between India and Pakistan. Together come to witness the ritual closing of the gate that defines the boundary between the two nations.
The theme of the border but spiritual reserve Water Bodies / Corpi d’acqua12 (2008). Jennifer Keegan’s film has two locations for the pilgrimage sites for the Ganges in India and the Forty Foot In Italy, the Gran Sasso d`Italy is the setting of "Country Priest’s diary"13by Stefano Saverioni.
The Choir /Il coro14 .
 Set in the prisons of South Africa won the youth jury prize and the audience. The story tells about the prisoners of this jail to create a choir, their daily exercise turned to singing, the beginning and history, therefore, a interior rehabilitation therapy. The Choir will take indoors to win a national race between prisons and in life that will accompany those who will be freed for good behavior.
La terre parle arabe / The earth speaks15
winner for the young and audience jury COMPETIZIONEDOC.
Author and filmmaker M. Gargour is  journalist and producer to the Office de Radiodiffusion-Télévision Française of Beirut and the UNESCO (International Council of cinema and television) that exposes the Zionism of the nineteenth century .The international arena through the philological research archive, as choose and previously unpublished interviews, tells  Zionists and in the testimonies of Palestinians earlier in 1948.
Female for the feature film entitled "Factory of the martyrs” ( 2008) 16. Italian directors A. Vozza and C. Cuomo tell the relationship between visual art murals, urban space and political propaganda through the transformation in Iranian culture and society that the concept of martyrdom, and itself is today.    

The relationship between cinema and other forms of art is dedicated "Piotr Andrewski, voyageur intraquille / Piotr Andrewski,viaggiatore irrequieto "
17 Piotr Andrewski is the pianist and fascinating interpreter of J.S.Bach, L.V. Beethoven L.Jancek.
The inner journey of this artist later in his tour is punctuated by the times and the paces of the documentary by B. Monsaingeon, author and musician, filmmaker, musician and acclaimed expert in making films about music.
While the issue of political propaganda back in "Jesus Camp"18 (2006) by H. and R. Ewing Grady, candidate for the following year Oscar for best documentary and shows the protagonists of the debate the American evangelicals and the Republican Party in the education of young American mind.
A piece of history of Italian cinema in "A Face in the crowd"21 which opens a slit in the costume Italian documentary that celebrates the figure of Franco Gasparri.



L. Vullo’sDallo zolfo al carbone23tells a piece of Italian history: the phenomenon of migration linked to the Italo-Belgian pact narrated from the interviews of the Sicilians and their families who leave voluntarily by couples planning to escape from the bondage of poverty to be imprisoned in the coal mines of Belgium.
They built the opportunity to give future generations a better life but we can see that only through documentary interviews of them and we can know the reality of their past.
“I NOSTRI TRENT’ANNI. Generazioni a confronto” 24scans five time  of history about italian cinema. Contemporary filmmaker leaves the viewer with the open question in relation to the art of filmmaking.
    The event ended with a presentation of the Milan Film Festival and the short of young F. Massa “Linea di Konfine”.
R. Di Girolamo
Note :
1.A. Capuano.He is art director, painter, theatrical director. Antonio Capuano is regular Professor of  Scenografy for the Academy of “Belle Arti” in Naples.
2. A. Léonard-Maestrati. He isFrench author e director . He beggins la sua carriera come regista di film di finzione con P. Fresnay, B.Fresson, D. Manuel, J. Luc Bideau,Paul Crochet.
3. Margaret Scaramella.Napoli 69. She is  responsabile di sviluppo, produttrice e autrice di documentari da oltre 15 anni. Coopera for best italian societies and foreign for filmmaker in 18mm. She lives  between  Naples and  Rome.
4. A. Fugazzotto.He is art director and director . He won the 1st National Premio “Domenico Rea” for the best television production (Ischia 7/Ottobre 2000). Professor for University of Bologna about seminar :“Il linguaggio televisivo” . He is art director , director and director telecast for RAI 2_ RAINotte.
5.Sara Rescigno.Head Writer RAI . She lives and works in Napoli . She is head writer about soap opera “Un posto al sole”
6. Mourad Ben Cheikh. Tunisian author and filmmaker .Photographer for la scuola delle Belle Arti di Tunisi. Short author : «Le Pâtre des étoiles» [2003] (competizione ufficiale JCC 2004 e altre selezioni) and «Une saison entre enfer et paradis» (competizione ufficiale Ougadougou, Mons e Tarifa).
7. Wim Van Rompaey. Commissioning editor for “Mostar United”, “Rabbit à la Berlin” and “Enjoy poverty”. General Directore of Lichtpunt since 1981. Lichtpunt is indipendent broadcaster with two weekly slot on pubblic fiamminga belga television (VRT).
8.Director  in social film makers  
9. Scheda tecnica. Vota Provenzano , 2007_ Directed : S. Fronio, 61’IT. Photography:N. Minora – G. Gebbia – V. Bernardi _ Suond:B. Marziali – L. Colimberti_ DV PAL Digital Colore 4:3_Editing : S. Fronio. Production : E. Bernardi .
11. Scheda tecnica. Wagah , 2009Directed: Supriyo Sen , 13’GE. Photography: R. Ghosh Suono: SK Abdul Rajjak. Betacam. Editing : Szilvia Ruszev. Production : DETAiLFILM
12. Giuria giovani: President. F. Massa, P. Russo, A.Cioffi, Roberta D’Avalos .
13. Water Bodies/Corpi d’acqua 2008 Directed: J.Keegan 15’IR Photography: C.Tanham . Betacam Editing :R.O’Donnell Production : Speers Film
14. Diario di un curato di campagna 2008 Directed: S.Saverioni 58’ IT Photography: S.Saverioni.  DV cam 4/3 letter box Music: E.Melozzi Suond V. Schiavo Editing : S.Saverioni Production : Monotroupe
15. The Choir /Il coro 2008 Directed Michael Davie, 90’ Australia. Photography: C.Carvalho,M.Davie. Betacam Digital 16/9 Editing: M. Davie _K. Steinbernberg Music: Felicty Foxxg Production: Essential Media &Entertainment.
16. La terre parle arabe  , 2007_ Directed: M. Gargour, 61’FR/GRECIA . Photography:H. Abu Saada _ DV CAM 4/3 PAL_Sound : A. Khoury. Editing : Despina Kontagiri. Production : Bad Movies  .
17. La fabbrica dei martiri, 2008_ Directed : A. Vozza C.Cuomo , 54’IT. Photography :Ashkan Ashkani _ DV CAM _Sound : G.Collodet.  B.Karimi. Production : Fabrica SPA e RTSI Televisioen Svizzera  .
18. Piotr Andrewski,Unquiet Traveler/ Piotr Andrewski,viaggiatore irrequieto,2008
Directed : B. Monsaingeon , 85’FR/Polonia. Photography :Adam Rozanski _ HD Cam 16/9 _ Sound : H.Maikoff. Editing : J.Pierre Bloc. Production : Ideale Audience .
19. Jesus Camp, 2006 Directed : H.Ewing ,R.Grady 84’U.S.A. Photography:M.Chang _J.Rosher 35mm _ Sound : M.Furjanic. Editing: Enat Sidi. Produzione : A&E indiefilms,Loki Films  .
21. Un volto tra la folla, 2008 Directed : S. Gasparri 50’IT . Photography:N. Franik DV Sound: Lo Monaco S., Spighetti B., Mirra P., D’Amico F., Mantovani M. _ Editing : A. Cerquetti. Production : Stella Gasparri
23. Dallo zolfo al carbone, 2008 Directed : L.Vullo 53’IT. Photography:G.Gianoccaro Mini DV Music : G. Vasapolli, Ciarmacantu, Agruppo _ Editing : L.Vullo. Production : Ondemotive
24.I NOSTRI TRENT’ANNI. Generazioni a confronto,2004 Directed: G.Taviani 72’IT. Photography :A.Ghiara . Betacam SP colour & b/n Music: G.Taviani _ Editing : C.Travaglioli . Production : Nuvola Film.